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Its an beautiful car, but you also will buy an lot of trouble. It takes many time and money to get it running well. I will inform you about the basics things that you should know before you are searching. If you want see more infos about the listed topics please the link "work I have done ". There you can find solutions and the costs for it.

  1. The biggest problem is surely the exhaust manifold. It is not the question if it will break or not, its only the question when it will break. Its very hard to get a used one in good shape, i should say its nearly impossible. The prize is according to that, up to 250$ for a used one piece version.When the engine is idling listen if the engine is blowing out near the turbo. This is for sure a broken manifold (photo) broken manifold, broken studs or a bended Y-pipe. This a lot of work and the costs are high if you dont have the possibiliy of working yourself on the problem.

  2. An other problem, not only of the turbo coupe, is the big simmer shaft seal of the rear diff (photo). Its a very big one and the cost for it is 50 $. For to change the sealing the diff must not be put out out of the car, its possible to get out the cover alone, change the seal and re-assemble it.Do this before the the diff. runs without oil, this will break it at once. Driving without oil is the only possibility to break them, theay are very strong.

  3. Engine mount on passengers side. This one is heavily stressed by the hot exhaust manifold and the the fact that the engine is not installed perpendicular. This means that more weight is on the mount of the turbo side (passenger side).For these reasons its always a very good idea to check or replace it when you are working  on the car. A broken engine mount will result in damages on the exhaust system, first of all the exhaust manifold.

  4. A buyers contract for download:  http://www.huk.de/pdf/kaufvertrag.pdf




whole exhaust  manifold

the whole manifold

rear diff in parts

all parts of the rear diff

broken engine mount

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