Steering Wheel Conversion

Als beautiful as our cars are, the interieur look really cheap. Also the steering wheel, which feels not good because its very big and too thin.  A way to improve this is to change it and take a leather or wood sport steering wheel. Companies like Momo or Raid sell beautiful wheels which improve the handling very much. We show some photos of the changes we have done and give infos about what to watch out and the partnumbers that you can get the right hubs (for audi typ 85 only).

Fact: Concerning the mounting system of the steering wheel the coupe and the ur-quattro are the same.

Momo Corse, typ D35 , 3 spokes, 360 mm Momo Montecarlo, typ V35 , 3 spokes, 350 mm Raid, typ Dino, 3 spokes, 320 mm
used hub: Momo, typ L8010 used hub: Momo, typ L8010 used hub: Raid, typ M 147
front view, click to enlarge momo5_t.jpg (3476 Byte) without cover
side view, click to enlarge momo4_t.jpg (3569 Byte) with cover
installed in the ur Installed in the urq Installed in the urq

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Dec. 1999