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Work i have done:

Removing the engine due to exhaust manifold probs

When i bought the ur the exhaust manifold was in good condition and could not see any further probs. Surly i have been told that the manifold is a big problem due to the tremendous heat problems of the turbocharger. Every 1000 miles i lost some nuts of the exhaust studs and i couldn`t imagine why. I was told that the nuts fly off due to the   bending of the manifold, caused by heat.The result after 5000 miles  were broken studs and destroyed threads in the alloy engine head. In order to get  it done right I decided to remove the whole engine including the gearbox. So I also could check the whole engine and check it completly.

For it was the first time what I had removed an engine of an ur I put out the gearbox at first and then the engine. I would have been better to remove the whole system completly. The screws that keep the gearbox and the engine together are also fixing the wastegate. These wastegate holders are very hard to remove inside the car for the place in  that section is really rare.


Assembling the engine and reinstalling in the car.

Engine block

To improve the idle running we separated the engine ventilation from the intake manifold. For the early urq`s don’t have a ventilation(photo) exit in the engine block  we drilled one in an unused thread. This new exit will be put together with one out of the head cover and than lead to a self-made box. There the air can flow out and the oil in the air will be separated and sent back to the engine. I hope I can reduce oil consumption with that. All endshields of the crankshaft and connection rod were like new, so there was no use to replace them. A new sealing for the oil pan, fixed with sealing material, prevents leaking soon. There are problems if you mount it without.



engine on my selfmade holder

engine in the workshop of  Koch Automobile


checking the crankshaft bearings

removed oilpan to check all bearings


Block without head


original 2-Oilfilter setup

i am looking for a one filter setup

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