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Exhaust manifold:


As you can see I have bought a new 2 piece exhaust manifold  for  my '84 ur. The number of the old manifold was: 035 129 591 CE. My Audi dealer said that the electronic parts catalog said : part has been deleted, take the 2-piece manifold 034 129 591 AC (3 stud piece) and 034 129 592 (2 stud piece). But mounting  the downpipe on the  KKK 26 is really a problem when. Please see the photos.


The Problem: The  slot that holds the 2 pieces of the manifold  together prevents the downpipe from slipping in the turbo studs.

I did the following to solve the prob:

- open the nuts that hold the turbo to the manifold, mount the downpipe to the turbo and fix everything.

- bend the downpipe about 7mm on the appropriate places.







































Original exhaust pipe with stainless ends

The end of the exhaust pipe have been covered with stainless steel ends, look much better now than before. The original ones had always a rusty look.




Old and new manifold

1 and 2-piece manifold


new manifold installed

2part_inst_t.jpg (5656 Byte)

1 and 2-piece manifold

explosion pic


Mounting probs 1

down1_t.jpg (5544 Byte)


Mounting probs 2

down2_t.jpg (5477 Byte)


Mounting probs 3

down3_t.jpg (5889 Byte)


Bended downpipe

downpipe_t.jpg (3194 Byte)



smaller screws to mount turbo

form size 17 to 12! These are helicopter nuts!


Exhaust  with stainless steel ends

Made by Mr. Koch

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