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Work i have done:

Engine head

The head  of the engine was also disassembled. Four of the valves were not tight as I filled petrol in the intake and exhaust ports. So all valves and their seats in the head were milled (10*5$) to be sure that no further problems accrue. The valve stem sealings (10*2,5$) were renewed for they get hard during the years and so oil consumption raises. The inside of the head was very clean and no deposits. This was also a good time to change the plastic holders of the injectors (5*3$), they get loose when getting old and cause leakage. My head doesn’t have lifters, the space between camshaft and valve has to be set by shims, so I will adjust them the engine is finished and warm.



upper stud bended on 5th zylinder, lower one broken

not a sharp photo, but you can see the bended stud


all studs replaced

all threads have been fixed with helicoil, all studs replaced


Head without camshaft


Head with camshaft

camshaft_t.jpg (4951 Byte)


Removing the valves


Head without valves


Cleaned intake manifold

intake_t.jpg (4741 Byte)



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