Story of how I put back the 10V engine in my Ur-quattro

last update: 4.1.2000

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Engine bay:

-cleaned with petrol and a paintbrush (time to stop smoking....)

- the frame had been protected with wax

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Engine is ready now, still hanging on the holder:

- conncection rod bearings and crankshaft was checked by MR. Koch.

- new head gasket ,valves and their seats were milled.

- new 2 piece exhaust manifold.

- whole engine cleaned and some parts repainted (its worth the effort!) 

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Engine away from the holder:

- engine is fixed with 3 tensioning  straps, so its easy to balance it right

- lifted by a driving chain, very good to handle that wight!

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Engine with gearbox:

- with the engine on a wood plate its easy to push the gearbox back on the engine

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Engine and gearbox lifted:

- the whole system is now ready for to get it back in the car.


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Engine is over the pit:


- engine and gear lying on the holder, pushed over the pit

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Engine in pit:

- car is over the pit and lifted up

- axle support has to be removed

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Engine on the way in the bay:

- engine has made half way into the bay

- axle support is removed

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Engine is mounted:

- engine is in its final position

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Engine moved in right position:

- the propeller shaft gives the right ajustment for the engine

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Engine is mounted in right position:

- its done!!!!!

eng_ready1_t.jpg (14291 Byte)

Everything put back in the bay:

- injection system, radiator and so on ......

eng_ready2_t.jpg (16795 Byte)

Detailed view of the bay:

- looks good so far and its running well!!!

ready_t.jpg (10395 Byte)


Engine hood mounted:

- time to check all nuts and cables, oil levels and so on.


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Copyright 2000 by  Ralf