click on the photos to get a bigger view

click on the photos to get a bigger view


new painted wheels

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OZ wheelsoz_t.jpg (3868 Byte)


The original wheels of the urq are   8*15H2, ET24 , 5 bolt , 112mm diameter. The following types can also be mounted:

3teilige BBS 8*16 ET24/30/35 5/112
Fuchsfelgen 7*15 5/112
Fuchsfelgen 8*15 5/112
S1-Magnesiumfelgen Zoll keine TRX
Sport-Quattro-Felgen 9*15 ET12 5/112



Up to 1983 the ur had  205/50/15VR, 1984 the tire size increased to 215/50/15 VR. For the 215 size is very expensive i changed to 225/50/15 VR . In germany its quite hard to get the permission to drive these tires because there is no official  certificate  available for the original wheels. But it's possible........


225/50/15VR mounted

225_t.jpg (3765 Byte)

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