Airfilter / Fuel Injection Maintenance

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The injection systems on these cars do pretty much run themselves, however there are few things that can be done to help keep things in good shape. Regular changing of the paper standard air filter (once per annum) depending whether or not you use these. In the red Coupe I am currently running a K & N air filter panel. This gives a greater flow of air particularly at higher rpm and a little more power. To remove the air filter you need to remove the big rubber boot that runs from the air flow meter to the inlet manifold and pop off the retaining clips on the airbox, pull out the old filter and insert the new one. This may sound easy but it can at times be a bit of a fiddle, as there is not a great deal of room to play with, removing the headlight helps a bit.

The second essential part of the fuel system maintenance is the replacement of the fuel filter, this is very important to keep the injecttion system clean and free of harmful particles that can clog things like injectors. The fuel filter is located underneath the rear of the car just forward of the left rear wheel (Coupe Q ) it is covered by a steel protective panel which needs to be removed first. On the URQ the main fuel filter is located on the right hand side just forward of the right rear wheel and is agin protected by a steel shield. To remove the filter first you must clamp the fuel line (if it is rubber) to prevent excessive fuel loss and then unbolt the filter from the fuel lines, fitting the new is the reverse of removal, always use new sealing washers on the new filter and ensure you put it on the right way round!!

One thing I did to my car was to clean all the breather hoses out and take off the the throttle body and cleaned this with carb cleaner in a spray, made a little differnce to it's throttle response and increased it's idle so it was good to clean this and get all the old dirt and deposits out.

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