Maintainance table for a looooooong quattro life

For the maintainance is nearly the same for turbocharged and non turbocharged  we decided to keep the tips together. Whenever there are big differences between the two cars we will turn it out.

every 6000 miles /10 000 km

or one time a year, depends on what you reach first

every 12 000 miles / 20 000 km

or one time a year, depends on what you reach first

every 24 000 miles / 40 000 km


every 50 000 miles / 80 000 km
- change oil, always with filter(s) - check oil of gearbox and back diff.

- check airfilter and injection system


- change sparks

- suspension and shocks

- check brakes

- cambelt

- lifters

- fuel injectors and injector O-rings

- breather hoses


Topic: Typ of fluid: Coupe Quattro: Ur- Quattro: Change every:
Engine Oil Fully Synthetic is a must for long engine life especially in a turbo car. The Audi oil Synta Gold 5w40 is very good, and keenly priced as well, an oil change with filter (always use genuine filter from VAG).Change at least one time a year. 4,5 with filter 4,5 with filter 5000 to 6000 miles
Gearbox and Centre Diff Castrol TAF-X is what we have used in both of our cars, this improves the gearshift when cold or hot. 2.2 litres 2.7 litres every 50000 miles
Rear Diff Castrol GL5 Spec diff oil EPX 85w90 1 litre 2.2 litres every 50000 miles
Brakes DOT4 or DOT5 Brake Fluid, DOT5 gives a higher boiling point. Take care about old ABS systems, they don`t like old brake fluids for they get like honey and glue the ABS cylinders. Please notice that changing the fluid in the hydraulic cluch is not easy and has to be done with a pump or over the brake system. DOT5 DOT5 once a year
Power Steering ATF is used in the non turbo Coupes and early URQ's, later URQ's used Pentosin. You can easily see which kind of oil is used, the ATF is red in colour. ATF ATF or Pentosin, only refill

Please note:

Whenever anybody tells you that changing the oil inside a gearbox or diff. isn`t necessary, when give him a kick! After more than 10 years the oil is contaminated with water and all kind of dirt that comes inside through the ventilation. The housing wall isn`t silver anymore, it really gets black due to the dirt. 

The capacities given may vary, our experience has shown this to happen a lot form car to car. The best bet is to buy a little too much and keep it for topping up at a later date.

Ur- Torque settings   (Link to UK Audi quattro Owners Club)

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We would point out that you should always consider your own personal safety when doing any work on your car. Wear appropriate clothing, eye protection (you only get one pair!) and protective footwear ( don't I know it when you don't) do support your car correctly when working underneath it, don't smoke when working on any part of the fuel system and best not to consume alcohol either. Most of all have fun, and enjoy your work.

Regards Iain & Ralf
Copyright 1999 Iain and Ralf
Dec. 1999